THE MINDMAKEOVER® team offers entertaining and interactive self-esteem and life skills products for organizations that work with teen girls and young women. To captivate and excite girls about the content, our team engages the audience with elements of pop culture, music, and the arts. Our products also meet the needs of our clients because the content is evidence based, gender-specific, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate.

Dr. Scyatta A. Wallace
THE MIND MAKEOVER® workshop series was developed by Dr. Scyatta A. Wallace, psychologist/teen expert and CEO/Founder of Janisaw Company. Dr. Wallace embodies the message delivered in THE MIND MAKEOVER® workshops of determination, positive attitude, and embracing what makes one unique.

As a daughter of African immigrants, her family moved to the US with nothing but a strong drive to succeed. She grew up in low income housing and witnessed rampant violence and hopelessness around her. However, with a name like Scyatta, she couldn't help but recognize she was different. Her interest in both the arts and science was a unique combination that led to her acceptance to Yale University. Focusing on this uniqueness became the key to rising above her surroundings.

She graduated from Yale in 1996 and received her Ph.D. in 2002 from Fordham University where she specialized in adolescent development. Dr. Wallace is an Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Johns University, where she teaches and mentors students. She is also an active volunteer in her community and on the board of several organizations.

As a Psychologist, Dr. Wallace often met girls who could barely look her in the eye because they felt shy and awkward about themselves. She kept telling herself someone has got to do something. She decided to become a resource for girls and founded Janisaw Company. She created THE MIND MAKEOVER® to help girls discover their worth, embrace their uniqueness, and recognize that beauty is WITHIN.